Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Since 2004 Teri Kerns and Micole Moore have been transforming their property to incorporate a vineyard; a winery; a garden; a well tended menagerie of barn animals, working dogs, and housepets; and a comfortable home. They make it look easy. Soon their new tasting patio will be open and we'll all be able to sample and take home Micole's delicious wines.
Tickled Pink Sangiovese Rosé - from foot-stomped Ramona grapes!

Joined on the patio by Ramona Valley Wine Region Magazine publisher and designer Dave Billick, we sipped Rosé and talked about what's to come. Dave firmly believes that making wine in Ramona is "a collective and better learning environment." In the vast pool of California... wine, it makes sense for these winemakers to share their knowledge rather than compete with one another.

Test rows of different grape varietals

Next we tasted Ramona Ranch's 2009 Zinfandel made with grapes from Hatfield Creek Vineyards, about half a mile away. It was easy to see why this wine was awarded "Best in Show Red" by Amateur Winemaker magazine. After a fun visit with the outdoor animals: two horses, a pet steer, three goats, and a small flock of heirloom hens we moved inside to do some barrel tasting.


These wines are good! Our favorites: 2010 Petit Syrah (Hatfield Creek grapes) and a slightly grassy Cabernet Sauvignon (Adobe Vineyards grapes) that's fruit forward at first but shows nice tannins on the finish. We also liked the Super Tuscan blend, but after so much wine all we managed to write about it was "yum." 
Medals already!

Stay tuned for more news from Ramona Ranch, a welcome addition to the Ramona winery community. 760.769.1622

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